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Striper fishing on the Hudson


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Congrats guys on your catch, those are some brutes for sure, do you C&R or do keep some? If so how do You prepare them? Tried them but notta so good, others say there're great. Love the light set up, definatly can see what your doing back there!! Nice job!! Go get them men!!

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If you are gonna keep them let the big girls go and keep the smaller fish.  I suggest you fillet them normal flip them over skin side and remove any red you see.  Doesn't matter what you do from here.  I prefer using a zesty lemon pepper season in olive oil fried in a covered pan.  I have had people who hate fish tell me they could not get enough of it.  Been a few years since I have been down that way.  I fished the river around Saugherties.  Great time - highly recommend it.


P3434 - that 42lber will make for a nice avatar pic.  I think the one in mine is only 38 inches.  (20-25lbs never weighed it - released to get back to business)



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