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Lest We Forget

Low Baller

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I'm sitting here today have a hard time swallowing the mentality of our wonderful nation. We are Americans! We flip each other off on the highway one day, then help each other the next. My great grandfather and his brother were both gassed in WW1, my father was a Pearl Harbor surviver, my great uncle was in France and Germany, my uncle was airforce, and I did my hitch during the Iran hostage crisis as a Marine. But the American people as a whole are the strongest. It's not about politics, vets, who lost who or what. It's about us, our families, values, morals, and respect. We earn it, never ask for it. So shake the persons hand next to you, honor our dead , at put a f n flag on your house and keep it there!....Let's go fishing, and remember all of those who made it happen shame on those who don't. Semper Fi

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You are 100% correct. Immediately after we came together as a nation showing non stop patriotic pride but unfortunately it's slowly slipping away. Even in the emergency services I see it after attending 2 seperate services today that we, emergency services ourselves are letting it slip away. It bothers me to see disrespect in this manner, to our flag, our military personnel and human kind in general. Thank you for your service to our great country sir and God Bless us.

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