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for sale: can Cleaning out some stuff

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Cleaning out some stuff

Located in Ontario, just so you know.

I am cleaning out some rod building stuff and there will be all sorts of tackle coming soon. Moving and down sizing so no need for all the is stuff I have collected over the years. I saw stuff in a box I didn't even realise I had. I cant list it here it will take up so much room, I will crate a list and if you want one let me know.


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I found some more boxes so will get the list together by mid next week, god I have a lot of stuff to clear out. A few float rod blanks and a lot of fly rod blanks. In the boxes I found there are reel seats of all kinds. Please be patient and everyone who wants the list will get it. I should have had the full list together before posting and I do apologise for that mistake.

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