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Oswego 9 FOR 11

Went to Oswego for the first time ever went solo client could not go  last minute turned into a  scouting mission for me so started inside and had a look around slowly worked my way out till i found bait and lots of good marks .From there it was time to figure out the bight tried a bunch of programs anded up with 3 double hook ups with brown /king combo each time also got a steely and a coho and lost 2 .Best fish was 7 lb brown and 5.25 steely nico coho and small/med kings .Program that seemed to work was very long leads and top of the water column with small spoons like sutton 41 and johnson slimfish in gold /white perch pattern fish did not want big spoons at all .MUST BE SMALLER BAIT THIS TIME OFF YEAR ! Lots of boats out deeper but i went out twice to have a look and was not liking the action or the amount of fish kept going back inside and getting fish there . Never saw any other boat with a fish on i am sure they caught but i didnt see it had 80 feet all to my self it was nice .

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