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After a 2 week break from fishing due to needed boat maintanence I finally got out this morning. The bad news I had a couple guys coming up for a trip and I havent been on the water in weeks! From talking to a few people prior to getting on the water I knew the fishing was gonna be tougher than normal without prefishing at all.

My party today was interested in getting into big lake fishing and setting up aboat for it and I think they got a good lesson on how drastic it can change with lake and wind conditions. Left the dock at Sandy at 600 and fished till around noon, ended up 11 for 18. We fished from the creek to the pump house in 200-340 fow. Dropped quite a few fish today including a big king that got to 650 out on the wire quicker than I have seen before. Had to turn on it to gain and after we fought it for 20 minutes it finally got the better of us at the back of the boat. The fish said its good byes, by jumping a few times after words showing its girth and length giving me and my party nitemares to come in the future for sure of the "big one that got away". Highlights included a beautiful domestic rainbow with full colors about 7-8 pounds. Also the first rod to go today was a 4 pound steelhead and a skippy king on the same rod.

Final Count Caught was 3 kings 3 lakers and 5 steelhead with the biggest king being 18lbs and steelhead were 4 - 10lbs They had a great time despite the changing weather/waves we had. Hot combos were the wire dipseys out 300-340 on a 2 set with various green flasher/spin doc patterns. The riggers were steady all day with the wires taking over by mid morning.

Out again tomm.

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Thanks, Jax we did have a great time, but I am having a hard time forgetting that big king that gave us the finger and took off. I guess thats what keeps you coming back and or drinking. The Lakers were fun to, Hope you got all that Laker slime out of your boat.


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