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Fish Hawk ram mount

Polaris Rider

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If your referring to the X4 mount, mine actually didn't line up enough on the plate of the ram but actually was enough to get the screws in at an angle so the tightened right up nicely. Just had to balance it between the 4 screws if that make sense as you screw them down.

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I used wire ties instead of screws or bolts and it works great.  Thought it was going to be a temporary set up at first but 4 years later have no reason to change it.

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I'm surprised wire ties are strong enough. I guess that's better than my temporary setup. I had mine laying on the floor under the console last time because I couldn't wait to use it lol.

New ram mount will be here on Friday so hopefully get it more permanently mounted before the weekend.

Thanks for brightening the pictures Sk8man.

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