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Decoy Hound

Ohio Walleye

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I know it’s not New York and it’s a bit of a drive for most of you guys but this was last weekend in the western basin around the islands. Trolling perfect 10’s with 2 ounces of weigh very slow.813AA934-5610-4DFE-B2C4-B01D61FE5339.thumb.jpeg.dbd2e44638710e65b8a5eaabd8d74d79.jpeg6E6A7B74-5C8D-4EE1-A47A-B89D001B1669.thumb.jpeg.9a1179d1015beeac4f42c48e80d4ab0f.jpegF43BE167-173B-4F5C-9DC9-438EC8855BE4.thumb.jpeg.70429ce9bdd278afa2b4bc93637e57cf.jpeg32D6FC0F-AA7B-4C27-AA65-86941C54D5F1.thumb.jpeg.a9894b5804517c9aca1178148404f023.jpegE7D17C54-6C03-48EB-B706-4F71CA813A69.thumb.jpeg.e7c9ff37abf282cf5d14bdf0af2a61c6.jpeg786DF001-CE3B-4DDE-AAAA-4449C06DECD6.thumb.jpeg.58bb86f66d48bf92ee18bf6fdfcc631b.jpeg4CD1DE8B-5C15-465C-A995-8C636DAC8530.thumb.jpeg.33f24730ae6983d9e8902e595cbb06f3.jpeg

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Yes sir, we used to fish the western basin and feamales over 14# aren’t that uncommon, but we left them go there full of eggs. Pap

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Yes it was 14.5# and my nephew wanted to get it mounted. PAP is right they are full of eggs and that’s why we only kept four females and one male, enough for a meal at the Crows Nest when we were done fishing. We do normally put the females back and only target the males but we couldn’t find any but one. 

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