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First time out this  season went 9 out of 11 all brown trout, only 2 cookie cutters and the big one 10 to 12# male as seen in pic. I let him go along with 6 others. 5 of the fish were pretty marked from lamprey. 10 to 20 feet of water with a slow troll worked. Stinger spoons as seen in pic did the trick and a small maglip caught 3 of the big ones. I lost it on the bottom but included a pic of the size I used. It was a perch color. The 3 fish I kept were the lamprey bitten. Good start to set the year off. Good fishing to all but more importantly a safe one





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I love that there are people like you out here helping people like me learn and sharing your knowledge I lost my dad at a young age and my best memories were fishing with him since I have adopted my children and am trying to give them the same great experiences that I remember unfortunately we never got to fish for the big ones like those hogs but soon I just bought crestliner 2150sst to hopefully get up there and learn how to really fish and make some great memories. Please keep sharing I wish I new how to follow your posts.   Thank you again

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