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Henderson Harbor Fishing

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We had an excellent fishing day out of Henderson Harbor on Saturday.  Fishing along the wall near the mountain was very productive.  We went 5 for 7.   Beautiful silver salmon caught 50 to 65 down over 125 to 145.  Spoons and flasher flies 10 to 40’ behind ball caught fish:  2.7 at ball was best.  We fished from 9 am until 2 pm.   No fleas.  Thermocline of 50 degrees 60’down.  Try the new 8” flashers with the blinking lights.  Chartreuse color was great.  

Good luck!


Daniel Fishing Team

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Thanks for the report. I tried getting out Sunday morning from Stoney Creek. ( first time from this launch). After I got out into the open lake, I decided the quick 2 footers were more than I wanted to play in. Turned around and headed in, never wet a line. Guess I gotta learn to read a marine forecast.

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Was out of Stony Creek with the fleet this morning. Did 5. One on FF, one on 300 copper with a spoon, the rest on riggers at 90' with spoons. Biggest was 15?, others smaller. Didn't have a scale.


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