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Ok I know I have gone through this in the past :roll: but I am looking for info on having a new top and side curtains for my boat made. JollyII gave me a name of a gentleman in Elmira. he had a canvas top and was able to just send his top to him but I have a vinal top that has shrunk and I need to take the boat to him but am looking for someone a little closer if possible since I live in Chili and not really looking to tow the boat 2 hours or more, 2 different times. Got a great price of about $650 - $700 and will go the 2 hours if I have to but was wondering if anybody knew of anywhere closer. I remember someone saying something about a Amish guy near Buffalo :?:

Any other suggestions would be great.

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Andy Miller, an Amish guy out of Lyndonville. Great craftmanship but not as cheap as I thought they'd be. But I'm happy. I have his # somewhere, but I think he needs the boat there.

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RJ, I can't remember his name but I think that might be it. I have it written down at home and Chris said the same thing about his work. I will probably make the road trip and stop to see the old man on the way down and back :)

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He is in Glen harbor Marina. I think he rents a

space there. Like I said well worth it. You may

want to call him early because he gets busy. But

the turn around is very quick.

If your down this way around late April I'll have

my boat in the water down in the Montour Marina

You can stop down and check out the work. I'll show

you some little tricks Keith did for when you get caught

out in the rain where you can see without getting totally

soaked. :lol:

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Tom, have you contacted Bob Fredericks of Rochester Seat Covers. He restores car seats,tops etc and does boat tops, sides curtains etc. He is located on Rt#19 on the curve just South of the Rt.#19 Bridge.

I have the name of a guy that will come right to your house and make whatever you need. I will post his information later tonight.

Claude's Custom Canvas-585-682-4705

You can call Brice Marine as they have a person that goes to the store on Manitou Rd. one day a week and does boat top work.

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Pat, the number for Claudes was no good ;( . Any other numbers? Was he the guy that comes to your house? Thanks for all the info.

P.S can't make the pen meeting on the 24th (working just like whenever there's any type of meeting it seems :evil:) so any info you can pass along would be great :)

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Tom, sorry, I will check the numbers again and post a reply tonight. Claude is the guy that comes to your home.

I will also post the pen-rearing information as I receive it.

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Looks like I found a canvas guy for my boat top. Looking at top, side cutains, walk through windshild and back drop curtain all for between $900 and $1,000 :shock: :D > It's Hayes Canvas Works in Bath NY.

I am gonna go with a material (can't remember the name of it) but they use it on BMW's and other high end cars and boats it's canvas just like the Sunbrella but also has a vinal backing on the inside that will keep it from ever leaking and yet won't shrink :D

Every other person I talked to said it was gonna run between $1,200 and $1,600. Even had a guy come to my house that said he wouldn't even touch it for less that $1,200 and that was without the drop curtain :evil:

Looks like April 23rd is the date for drop off. I will post pics when it's done.

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Here are the pics of the finished boat top before :shock: ;( and after :shock: :D





Here are some of the things he did to it,

He used hard wood that he stained and screwed down and put the snaps on the sides so that the top doesn't have to bend at a 90 degree angle and get a crease in it and the snaps won't pull out of the sheet metal. He put new stainless steel metal brackets for the tubeing instead of the plastic ones that were there. He also raised the top 6 inches so that I can stand dtraight up in it which I wasn't able to do before. Locking zippers and I had him make me a little canvas piece to close off the walk through area below the window (JD for $35 more it was worth the time and headache he saved me)





A couple little tips he gave me for cleaning the vinal windows and storing them was to use soap and water rinse in well, dry it, then use dust polish :shock: He said the worse thing you can use is windex because it has harsh chemicals. He said to put up snaps in your garage on the wall then snap the curtains up so they don't get creases.

This may have taken longer because of his illness but it was well worth the wait. So air tight I almost sufficated in it ;)

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