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Colors depht shading available on Navionics app

Andre wallyandre

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Amazing new feature with your updated Navionics i-Phone or i-Pad app, colour depth shading to help you select your fishing ranges! You can shade up to 5 different depth ranges which you determine and name! Combined with the 1 foot contours of the app's SonarCharts, this is going to be a huge assist when targeting specific depth ranges for any species! Have a close look of some popular fishing areas in Ontario and you should recognize the potential of this feature! Android version will be available shortly (it is now)






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17 minutes ago, wallyandre said:

If you want to use a IPad for a gps you need to get one with cell capability because they have a integrated gps inside; if not you will need to get an antenna thatyou can connect to a IPad. So the best tng is to get a IPad with cell capability.


Correction, you need a tablet with GPS (location) capability. Not necessarily cell capability. And make sure it's a GPS and not the cheap-o assisted GPS or whatever, because those aren't as accurate!


Also look for a tablet that has a bright screen. 

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2 minutes ago, cedarswamp said:

So what generation I Pad should I get? I pad Pro? Mini, Air, etc. I'm not sure of the different capabilities of each! Was looking to find one that works for this ,but im not opposed to buying a used one on E-bay!


Generation doesn't really matter. The app isn't heavy by any means. I would just go for a larger screen is all.


1 minute ago, cedarswamp said:

If im fishing a lake without cell service , how does that work?


You download the maps you want onto the tablet. From there on no connectivity is required. GPS location does not require cell reception.

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Have had good luck with ebay refurbished ipads. So far

If you are far away from wifi signals my wifi iPad pro doesn’t give me gps position

Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United

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1 minute ago, wallyandre said:

Autochart Live is for Humminbird; it's sonarchart live for Navionics, Lowrance & Simrad


Ah yes, I think you're right. 


Also note that even if you turn off Sonarchart Live, it keeps recording in the background and you can turn its display back on if you want.

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