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1984 Pursuit 2500


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Tiara which makes the Pursuit is a top line boat.  I have a 1989 20 ft.   Still a 1984 is a thirty five year old boat.  Based upon my own boat, I would start with a thorough inspection of the transom, looking for cracks etc., is the molding at the top of it in tact and not letting moisture or water in?.  Mine has a passage to get to the rear cleats, I would reach in there or look in there and see if the top  edge of  the wood backing is visible.


As for the motor, the V6 Mercury has a history going back to the first Black Max in 1976.  Parts are around but again it is an old motor.


Bottom line on this is what are you paying for it?  That determines how deep you want to jump in having a surveyor look at it or at least someone in the boat business who knows their way around and can give you an opinion. 

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Whenever purchasing a boat over 10 years old ask yourself 2 questions:


1. Am I handy?

2. Am I ready (time and money)  for a project?


if both are yes, let it rip. If not don’t. Even older boats in great shape need much more love and care than newer boats.



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We have a 1984 2500 I/O. Great boat. Overall the boat has held up very well for her age. She gets buffed and waxed every year. That really helps keep her looking youthful. The ride is great. Its a very heavy hull. Around 4600# if memory serves. 200 hp might be a little under powered. I think you'd be happy with if everything seems to be in order. They are a quality boat. Definitely have a mechanic take a look at an outboard of that vintage... compression test, etc. Good luck!

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