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for sale : usa For Sale: Antique Skeeter Duck Boat - Completely Restored

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Completely Restored 1966 15ft. Vintage Skeeter Duck Boat. Over $6,000.00 in complete front to back/top to bottom restoration. Customer put half down and skipped town on the rest.  3/4 Inch Marine Kousa Board structured flooring, so this boat will not absorb any water and will not rot. Pedestal seat ready in the front and back and we added a back splash plate. Transom was rebuilt extra strong using double thick same Marine Kousa Board.  Whole boat is more solid than factory original and will be a GREAT duck boat to be the envy of newer duck boat owners.  They don't make them like this anymore.  Go-Devil engine would probably be the best to put on this boat and the transom is very solid to accomodate a larger engine.  This is a great deal for someone who wants a solid antique duck boat at half the price.  The boats front to back length is 15ft. Back Transom is 20" tall. Inside from top to floor is 16 1/2". Top deck from side to side is 33". Outside wing is 45 1/2" and inside the floor is 45". You can see the taper on the outside from the rear transom wings to the top of the deck. This is a very stable and REAL duck boat for low profile stability shooting. Transom should easily accomodate a 50hp motor, which would make this boat cut through weeds and debris with ease and speed. It was built tough and sturdy. Comes with $750.00 trailer.  $2850.00 and this beautiful antique is all yours! Contact Eric at 504-710-9907 for more information.

Skeeter 1.jpg

Skeeter 2.JPG

Skeeter 3.jpg

Skeeter 4.jpg

Skeeter 5.jpg

Skeeter 6.jpg

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Wow what a fantastic restoration!  Absolutely awesome.  I wish I was in the game for one.  

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