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mexico bay ice and snow pics.

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hey glen,we saw the footprints in the marina,kinda sickening to see all the snow and ice,looking like a late start like last year.first two boats in last year,april 6th,we got 3 inches that morning and the next day it was gone.DSC_0194.thumb.JPG.eb734dabb6b884b2c31b71a02667509f.JPG

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1 hour ago, choo-choo said:

nice pics fins and glen

Glen, was wondering if our road was plowed....and did my camper and porch look ok/


Road was plowed Steve, 3ft+ snowbanks to get to the camper. Everything looked good on your site from what I could see. I would have called you if anything looked out of sorts. Paul was up riding.

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