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Johnson outboards

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Does anyone know how many years johnson made outboards in hong kong and what years they were and was evinrude ever made there .Are they a inferior motor and are parts the same with a motor made in the usa

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A history of OMC and Johnson is available on U-Tube. A Johnson outboard (150 hp) that needed rebuilt after several hundred hours of running showed the rod journals were .004" undersize. This engine was put back together and traded for an Evinrude of similar size. I never heard of any problems with the Evinrude. 


Cheers, DocWet , (Everything has limitations...and I hate limitations.)

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I spent a hour or so the other day researching Johnson outboards the history of the company is very interesting and surprisingly was very difficult for them at times  especially with the competition of other company's emerging along the way . Also with the company in trouble they had some engines built in hong kong probably trying to save money but I dont think they ever put the evinrude name on a china motor. Thanks for the tip on youtube I will check it out it would be good to know when the hong kong engines were built so you could stay way from them if buying a engine .

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