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Cayuga morning with the family

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We hit the lake this morning with hopes of finding some silvers in the shallows. We were in 14 fow skirting the edges of the docks with the planer boards. The first rod of the morning ripped off the planer board, bent right over and took off running like I expected a brown to do. I grabbed it and handed it off to my 4 year old daughter only to find out it was much heavier than I thought it was. She battled it for a while with my help before handing it off. We got it to the back of the boat and it was a big laker. It weighed in at 9.5# hitting on a j-7 fire tiger. We went 5 for 6 all lakers from 8:30-11:30. We had a couple crushing hits. Shallow water lakers are a lot more fun than ones from the deep. IMG_6508.thumb.JPG.4387f16b236f8a35afda42502800fd76.JPGIMG_9767.thumb.JPG.da2d62c7b0c43c557d20847fcd1d0ddf.JPGIMG_9753.thumb.JPG.b56d933364100b3b06b0e1ef3a99a6a5.JPGIMG_9819.thumb.JPG.170c4098245c6cb45d407afec17bbfd7.JPGIMG_6511.thumb.JPG.4823f7913ebb87142d741f942efd5bd7.JPG


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Great pictures!  👍 

Nice meeting you at Dean's dock as we loaded out at the same time.

I second your comments as we discussed at the dock the same happened to me with hungry lake trout smashing the stickbaits on the boards.  Did also get a couple borderline small salmon and one robust laker off spoons on the downrigger set from 15-25 feet down.   Kept a couple Lakers for fish fry tonight and set loose the rest.

It was a super calm morning on the water......perhaps that's why  the silvers were finicky or is it better to get farther South on the lake? 

Unfortunately I found a bunch of floating debris and weeds in spots primarily South of Deans.   We all can do without the weeds.....😨

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The bait is not in yet.  Shallow fishing will be slower until they show up.  Its any day now though according to my logs.  They are a week late so far.  My advise is to pound the shallows for 1 hour.  If its not happening, its not going to.  Move out and fish deeper and point structure.  

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