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Thousand Islands the last week of July

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Hey guys, I will be spending the last week of July on Grenadier Island. Would this be an area worth bringing my Muskie gear for, or should I just save room and leave my Muskie stuff home and just bring bass stuff. Anyone that is willing to give me any info on this area would be appreciated. I don’t really need specifics. Just looking for whether or not it might be worth it. Thanks to anyone willing to give any info



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You should be able to fish some walleye that time of year around grenadier along with smallmouth on the shoals. 

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Between Fox and Grenedier  at the lake are some nice humps for Small mouths 

Or out in front of the Silos 


Also if you come out of Mud bay and look at say 10 o'clock and head to Grenedier there was an old chimney there on shore . In front it dropped from like 12 ft to 30 . Good Small mouths . 


Also on the point of the south side as you come out of Mud bay is a good spot .next to shore 

Drift from their to Ponds over the weeds for pike 


Fished there a lot as a kid . 


Have fun . 

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