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Capt Matt Going Old School with Optimizer 5/27/19


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Thanks Stan....
Memorial day was busy out on the Lake. Flat calm,sunny ( for once) and the fishing was great.
Saw a ton of boats around. Its been put out at nausea about this paddle, that meat rig, this fly, that spoon.... Well, with the big competition, I figured maybe we should throw a curve ball... Bumped up the speed to 3.1-3.2 down,on tbe Fish hawk... Tossed out some #3 optimizers and cranked through the middle of the fleet. Spring/ Early summer kings tend to like it fast...perfect optimizer conditions.... Didn't take long till the rods were flying...
Kind of startling when the diver gets smoked at 3.1 mph....lol....
Anyway, sometimes thinking outside the box can get you a few more bites...
Stan, btw the hooks on those lures are sharp as hell... I'm OCD with sharpening hooks, and I barely touched them with a file...

The king in the pic was caught last August out on the fence.... Big waves gave us great erratic action... The pictured spoon took a dozen shots that day.... Including that king...
Tight lines boys...0825180834.jpeg0822181222.jpeg

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Great to see a optimiser report. I still run the blue and white. Caught a boatload on copper and orange.Great pictures..

They work slower to ,when its bumpy they are just the ticket.

Nothing wrong with Old School,unless its rap.

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