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Fair Haven wounded warriors

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Had another great day with the Wounded Warrior fishing event out of Fair Haven.


Just about everyone was able to get fish for their veterans. Some did better than others.


For myself I worked waters 100-160 straight out of the chute. No real temp was setup and fish were spread out. Marked

Very little bait and just a few hooks. We were able to put 5 in the box for my two Vets.


Green Jean spoon off 85 rigger was good for 2 fish, UV 2 Face paddle / Stud meat took biggest king for us off 98 rigger. 290 dipsy pulling custom paddle / meat rig was Good for another nice king. Custom Blue/purple NK spoon (free slider on 95 rigger) took our last fish of the day.


Another great experience and the weather and the lake cooperated for us just long enough for these men and women to enjoy the day.






‘Bout Time



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Thanks again to everyone who helped out in making this another successful and meaningful event.  The communication on the water was beyond excellent and definitely helped put more fish on the rods.  It was cool too for the guys and gals to see the other boats with people they knew either going by or hooked up - lots of cheers and smiles.  Congrats to the crew on board Outcast for catching the largest salmon at 24lbs even and on Blue Angel for catching the largest trout at 18 and 1/2 pounds.


This is definitely one of the purest, most meaningful events that anyone could be a part of (large or small).  Even the guys who struggled had veterans on board who were so grateful and were given an opportunity to feel at peace.


More pictures can be found on the Fair Haven Fishing Association FB page with more to come.



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