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i run 65lb pwr pro on 1 rod little thick but thats my slider rig no slippage due to dia.run wire on other 3 rods i kinda belive in the hocus pocus effect of the wire picking up signals from outer space plus my radio comes in clearer with wire out 8) kinda think it puts out some kinda elect .field thats another discussion from the past ,if your not using sliders 40 or 50 lb pwr pro would work some run lighter i sorta like to keep my weak links at the end of my line sometimes stuff happens near the real.30lb wire also

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AHHHHH sounds like Chaos is getting serious on this fishing derby stuff.

My suggestions

Line.. 30lb wire 1000ft

rod.. blue diamond 10ft roller

reel... Tekota 600lc

rodholders... Berts

There are other ones out there that work just fine. But for me this seems to be the best.I basically use my dipseyrods as much as I use my downriggers.So they get lots of action. For years I ran penn 330 reels and diawa rods . I used a clip on the rod linecounter.I usually start with 300fett of wire out and go from there. Thats a lot of winching. I used to lose a lot of gear the first few yrs of wire fishing.Now ive got the tackle loss under control.Better knots,smoother drags etc.

Chaos before you go much further Ill take you out fishing in my boat and show you what works for me.Early spring fishing will probably be my only fingerlake fishing. with the exception of your derby. Ill probably skip the memorial derby on Seneca.

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Chaos before you go much further Ill take you out fishing in my boat and show you what works for me.

Well Vince there is an offer you shouldn't refuse. You've been out on my boat so you know what I have. `stix runs different equipment and is rigged a little different also. Our boat hulls are the same and our business end is idenitical to yours so you really can't ask for anything better than that. I wish I had the opportunity to see a tricked out Arima before I rigged mine. It sure would have saved a lot of hours looking and planning and jerry rigging proto types before drilling.

On a side note..... earlier this week `frisco & I were planning on fishing today if the weather was alright. As the week wore on that plan fell apart. I'd like to think maybe next weekend but after the lake blew out from the run off it will probably take some time before most of the logs, sticks, leafs & twigs not to mention a few barrels, dock parts, plastic bottles and grocery bags,etc....clear the lake ;( .

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Vince, We run rods dedicated for wire only with Twille tips for large dipseys when we want to get 60' or deeper.

I have another set with braided line that I use with the smaller dipseys for depths around 30", these work well in the spring on Cayuga and for Walleyes in the summer at Onieda. I'm sure they will work with larger dipseys.

As you get into this you'll find that wire rods and downriggers will give you the versatility to be effective. Stinger and I both carry 10 + rods so it takes time to build an inventory.

Look forward to hooking up with you, Mike & I should be on the water this weekend if you care to join us!

Maybe Stinger will show you the secret spot!

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Looks like things just got ramped-up a notch :shock: .

.. :arrow: ......does anyone remember `stix saying recently that his computer crashed and couldn't post pictures or use his Photo Shop? Also in the same breath he said he wasn't in any hurry to fix it. ..........Well just remember this when he starts telling us what the hot combo is during the fish-off :roll: .

`stix.......your a classic.........you funny too :)

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Chaos, HA!!! You wouldn't want my stuff. It consists of a 13' bamboo pole and a can of barn manure wigglers. I always wanted a rich relative who would buy me some real gear so I'm packing my pillow case with all I own and am coming to live with you. I hope you got lots of beer. :shock:

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Where's my cane pole?


I'll get you one, but it's your turn to finger thru the manure to get the wigglers.

Hey muskybob,if chaos takes you in and up dates your tackle can I have your cane pole??? I need one more , want to put outriggers on the boat. Thanks.

Sorry, it's been handed down for generations

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