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Attended the meeting this Monday, seemed like a good group of people so I joined up.

Spent the last 10 years fishing saltwater in SC and FL - moved back to NY for family. I helped run a non for profit shark tagging group in SC as well www.facebook.com/coastalsharktagging/ - retired since I moved back.

I get out on the water at least once a week - sold my Hobie and bought an old 16' Duranatic with a 50hp Johnson - mostly fish Conesus and Sodus Bay at the moment.

Looking forward to catching some pures this year, got my first tiger a couple weeks ago!

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Hello Dan,


Nice meeting you at the meeting. Welcome to the forum. And thanks for joining Muskies Inc. Chapter 69. Now I know that it is only a matter of time until you catch your first purebred muskie. And the length of time will be shortened with the support of the musky community here and Muskies Inc., You will be added to the email list today for chapter notices.

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