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On 8/6/2019 at 4:04 PM, Force of one said:

any thoughts on the okuma cold water reels, or is the Tekota the definitive answer?

The Tekotas and Saltist are great, have a handful of Saltists on the boat mostly on my LC lines. Had Tekota 6,7 & 800's  when I was fishing the Pacific down in Mexico for several winters. Handled Sails, Mahi & roosters without issue

Black Friday I bought a bunch of Coldwater 30 high speeds for about $80 a piece or so.

Sent them off to Tuna Tom for drag upgrades. So for about a $100 a reel these are great.

Have them on wire divers & down riggers. No complaints. We will see how they are long term though.


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I figured out that my line woes were more bite offs than break offs . Some of them were ahead of the head . I think they were swallowing the whole thing . 


Solved that with  50# braid through head allbrighted  Just ahead of the baithead ton 25 #  . 


Never had a break off from diver to lure . 


I use 30 or 40 big game we for that .


I'm still not a fan of Flouro .  

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I have 14 Cold Waters built from Tuna Toms and Capt Chuck’s. Have used many Tekotas and Use Diawas for Walleye, and will say the Tekotas are ‘better’ but with the upgrades the CW’s are in my mind equally as smooth. Stock drags are sticky and suck.


The Cold Waters WITH the upgrades have never ever failed. I run wire divers with Seaguar Salmon 30lb with clear snubbers and have never had an issue will all types...copper, wires and rigger reels.



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