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Saltist repair


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I have a 2 season old Saltist 30 that I use with wire divers that failed on Monday. I was letting the diver out with the drag loosened and when it got to the right distance I tightened it down, as always. As it tightened the spool just broke free and line started going out again. Now the drag spins and clicks but doesn't tension the spool at all. I saved the wire by turning the spool with my thumbs for 280' with a mag dipsy and 10" spinny on it, which was a joy, but at least I got everything back.


Has anyone ever had this happen? Any advice on getting it repaired?

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Never had that happen, and have been running them since they came out. I know there is a guy in Rochester I believe. Something like Rochester reel repair or something along that lines. Tuna Toms is where i have sent my reels. They are online, you will have to mail it to them.

Capt Rich.

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Thanks, guys. I really appreciate the info.


I was thinking Tuna Tom's but wanted to throw it out there first.


I got the diagram online and took the reel apart. It looks like the thread is nearly gone on the star knob itself. It doesn't screw down and there were shavings on the shaft. I took one of my other Saltists apart and the star knob is tight on the threads so seems like that's it.

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