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Took dad out since it was only night I was free. At the launch around 3:40. Started in 100’ and went out to 200’. Marked very little expect for fish on the bottom in 70’. Guessing lakers. Did get a nice aerobatic steelhead in 90’ on mag diehard on 55 rigger. Around 6pm decided to head in closer. Lost a laker at back of boat on dipsey/SD/Fly in 45’. I decided to try even closer so I reeled in the dipseys and told my dad to keep heading in closer with just 4 rods and we would bring riggers up as we got shallower. Not 1 minute after saying that the 40 rigger fires and line is screaming. I hand the rod to my dad and it won’t stop screaming. He says “how much line you got on here”. He tightened the drag a little but fish wouldn’t stop. I clear the other 3 lines. Turn boat off and let him battle. After some time the fish finally made it to the boat. Fish was caught on Mag NK black front with yellow tape and white back. My dad thinks this was his biggest fish. Any guesses on weight, I don’t have a scale? After some time the fish was released and swim away. I really enjoy taking my dad out on the boat he bought new in 84’ and taught me how to fish out of. I look every day for a newer boat but this bluefin keeps chugging along and producing memories. My dad said this is what I like about fall. The fish are big. I even let him drive. IMG_3625.JPGIMG_3626.JPGIMG_3627.JPGIMG_3629.JPGIMG_3630.JPGIMG_3635.JPG



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