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Cayuga 9/27/19 taughannock

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Launched out of taughannock around 1230 with my dad. We started south because we also go north towards the Girl Scout camp. We marked tons and tons of bait and fish from the surface down to 50’ then here and there afterwards to 150’. I always run two riggers along with cheater lines. Spoons were Greens, oranges and purple because they always produce fish for us so that’s what I had out.  They wanted nothing todo with us so after a couple hours I decided that we should head north towards the camp where we always get lakers. Didn’t marked much but did some circles and landed two small lakers. Then this happens! We troll back to the launch and just at 645pm when it’s getting to be dusk. The one rigger goes off hard. This sounds crazy but the rigger was set at 75’ and I had the spoon 75’ behind the ball. By the time my dad put it in neutral and grabbed the net, the fish was literally underneath our boat then in front of our boat. I walked around the boat 3 times with it then it seemed like I was stuck. Not sure if he dove down in the weeds but I held him tight for maybe 10 minutes. My dad said we were in 234’ according to the fish finder. However the fish finder reads 0.0 for depth half the time due to not knowing enough about it. So now it’s getting dark and my dad is nervous about taking the boat out lol. So I just gave more pressure, all of a sudden it breaks lose and I feel a couple tugs so  I reeled about 5 ft and it seemed like I was stuck again. Gave more pressure to the point where it broke my line. Guy coming out said either a big laker or brown. We’ve fished there about 3 dozen times and never encountered this lol. We’ve  caught tons of 6lbs lakers there. The video is when I was about to break it. Kinda despressed to think of what it was but still a fun beautiful day to be out.



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One thing we know for sure is that the fish didn't get down into the weeds in 234 ft of water:lol: and the mystery continues....big laker or maybe snagged a freshwater sturgeon? (they are in there)

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 Sturgeon?  40+ pound carp? Big Laker or Brown that became entangled with 75 pound of floating /suspended junk/garbage/tree branch etc?

  Similar   scenarios  to your  have happened to me many times over the decades.. I always envision it as a potential state/world record fish that "got away"... bob

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