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Food plot 2020


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Still very lightly browsed foliage and its the only green in the area. its surrounded by cover and hardwoods that hasn’t been hunted 1 day a week all season we have deer here but just not drawn to the greens yet.  When I plant clover they mow it to the ground guess i need to go 50/50 next year.  I just set the cell cam up to see if activity picks up when the cold and snow hits. 






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last year we had some big turnips the only problem was the deer never were really attracted to them. we rarely had pics or seen deer eating them, I pulled about 20 out and they ate them probably 10 days after I did it when then softened up


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My. Clover plots have still been getting hit good. My sorghum plot has not we need to get a camera on it. But we have sat it a couple times and i saw one buck eat off them, but overall they have been just going around it. Well see if they hit it a bit more late season if not try something else next year.

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