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Skaneateles Skaneateles reports?

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Any report on Skaneateles? Thinking of heading over that way this week

Picking up Lakers and bows on small spoons, medium spoons n swim baits running everything on surface to 55 ft down over 55-120 feet of water.

Pickerel fishing on the south end at dawn and dusk is dynamite with medium sided casting spoons.

Small mouth action is picking up.
The warm water fish are livening up.

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Pan fishing is good for numbers but not good for size this time of year.  I try every year at around this time but catch only a few marginal keepers over 10”. And they seem to be overly thin compared to other fingerlakes.  Plenty of rock bass and also you should be able to get some smallmouth but they are also mostly in the 10-12” range.  Because of the size of fish my friends and I call this lake “ Skinny” ateles. If your looking for panfish, try Owasco or Cayuga.  Keep in mind, summertime sizes are different than spring and fall.

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I fished Skinny last Sunday morning and Wednesday morning with my son and his friend. We kept 11 smallmouth, a dozen huge perch and 2 big rockies Wednesday and I kept 5 smallies and a bunch of big perch on Sunday. I like throwing a pumpkinseed Slider, but anything imitating a crab will catch fish. I start fishing a little after 5am and concentrate in 10ft of water of water or less. The smallmouth are excellent eating out of that lake. Good luck

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