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Found the Kings hiding in 400 fow today. Riggers 45-65 down on spoons. Took 2 nice ones on 10 color as well. 5 nice matures this morning by noon. Early bite 7am to 10am gave us 3 small ones and then 10am hit and it was game on. Hoping for same results tomorrow. Water degrees down 65.

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I worked same area, same presentation until about 9:30 am.  2 nice kings.  Riggers set at 60-65 and divers about 40' down.  One king caught on each.  Looks like I missed the hot time of 10 am. 

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4 minutes ago, Just my luck said:

A little better day today worked the 250 to 400 range 300 to 350 being the best.We went 14 for 18 with 3 King’s being in the 15 to 20 pound range and lost a good one all came on a meat rig down 70ft.All the rest where small King’s and steelhead with one coho.They all came on spoons in the top 55ft off water .

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Thanks for the report! Very nice job. Were you entered in the tourney?

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