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Cayuga Jigging Cayuga from the kayak

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Posted (edited)

Last few times out I've had issues with the action cam - finally got some good footage this AM.


Launched from Sheldrake @ 6:30 AM   Wind out of the S-SE, so I headed north of the point to stay in smoother water.   30-50 FOW was where I was finding marks & bait.   


Had a bunch of followers -  a lot seemed to come into the sonar view when the jig was at 15 ft. then follow all the way up to the surface where I could see them break off the chase.  


Ended up landing 2 - first one was 25" and the second 28".  Both released.  


Off the water by 9:30.


Video 1



Video 2



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Great videos.  That second fish seemed to be turning your kayak!

BTW, those Penn reels are working great carrying 5 and 7 color cores.

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