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Weekend trip again ended up only fishing Saturday ....out of little salmon Long story short trip was a nightmare with the highlight besides fish being the cheater hook on atomic fly burried in my dogs paw! Fished 130-145 in front of the dunes little finicky but once found what they wanted it was pretty steady besides midday I fished morning then afternoon ended 8 for 21 because the reels on my dipsys are junk don’t think I’ll ever be purchasing another okuma reel but all in all hooked quite a few.








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3 hours ago, hassellmania said:

sorry to hear about your dog.  Could you please be more specific on what you were catching the fish on?

Fished 70 to 100 down on riggers crushed glow With green dot silver back pro troll frog fly . worrier alewife spoon .jack pretty girl and pro  am fly dipsys ran 280 and 320 on 3 setting frog spin doctor and frog fly on one and two face spin doctor green black dot on other good luck go get um

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5 minutes ago, elrodalonzo said:

When you leave the little salmon where are "the dunes" located?  Thanks for the good report.

The Dunes are located to the north of the Salmon River near Sandy Pond.

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10 hours ago, Coach Steve said:

Hi Pete, it’s Steve from NH

Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United

Steve How the heck are ya? This has been a crazy year for everyone. I don't think my Baaha will leave the yard this year, first time in 35 years I won't get to fish Lake O. Which is quite ironic because we purchased a home on Sunset Bay, hopefulley will retire soon and fish alot!!! Good to hear from you Good Luck with your season.

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