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I've been fishing this lake since 1980 and if I've learned anything it's this: Kings aren't line-shy. 


Think about it, Dipsey, snubber,  flasher and meat rig and they still nail the thing.


Use whatever you're most comfortable with.   What works best for me might not be best for you.  The main thing is that you have confidence in the system you use.


My advice which is worth what you paid for it, is check your leader every time you put it out, regardless of what line you use.


Yes, in 10' feet of crystal clear water in the Bahamas fishing for fish with eyes the size of quarters while using a 60# shock leader, flouro can make a big difference, but for what we do in Lake Ontario with 15# test for  salmon with their tiny eyes -IMHO it doesn't seem to matter. 

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well, years ago i bought a spool of Vanish and absolutely everything vanished.....fish, spoons, sticks. Won't touch the stuff anymore. Lesson learned. We have had good luck with Ande fluro on the wrist spools.

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HI-SEAS 100% Fluorocarbon leader...... been using it for years, best I've found for knot strength and abrasion resistance.  #12 lb. the spring, #20 lb. in summer and fall.

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