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Hit the water for a chilly 1-1/2hr with my girlfriend. 7:45-9:15an Shes very new to fishing! Only her second time on Lake Ontario! Water was 40-42° we worked 12-20 fow. We had a double in front of the pump house in 16 fow. One on a planer board with a blk and silver rapala and when we were bringing that one in we got another on a downrigger down 7 back 50 with a Michigan stinger scorpion spoon. DOUBLE!!!

We got one more heading back to the mouth in 14 fow on a 0 dipsy our 20’ with a orange stringer spoon. IMG_2651.JPGIMG_2649.JPGIMG_2650.JPG



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3 minutes ago, Captain Carl Bish said:

Nice, squeeze into 7-10' and you will find more fish in that area.  Remember warmer = better and warmer is closer to shore.

What he said...

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