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On 7/10/2021 at 6:12 AM, Team Perch Lake Effect said:

Sounds like jealousy. We put a lot of money and time in our equipment. I'm a local that is tired of the "locals" aka people from Rochester, buffalo, not even close to here, that think they own the river cause they have 1/10 of an acre. Get over it, some people fish for a living to get by as it's their passion. No, instead we gotta put up with people like the above that complain about everything. Get over it. Tournaments are going to happen. And I bet the ones complaining are the ones who drive their barely water worthy boat down the river half on plane creating a giant wake that destroys the shorelines, beats boats of docks, about throws others out I their boats, but that's ok.

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Don’t worry our governor wants to end all hunting and fishing contests in the state e

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Thork, I went to Dicks a few weeks ago for turkey shells and found out they no longer have a guns and ammo department so I went to Walmart yesterday to get them and the shelves were bare besides a few boxes of target shells and some .22 long rounds. Not just competitions will come to a halt soon…

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