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Took 2 guys out and left the dock at 6am. Worked 100-220. 1st fish was on rigger down 80 over 200. E chip / fly, fish came unbuttoned only to find out the fish bent the treble hook bad on the fly. Next 2 were a double on aerobatic bows that crossed lines but we landed both. 2 more small kings and 2 more bows. Fished 5 rods and they all took fish. Fat Nancy e chip with green hammer fly took the most fish and the biggest with NK 28 black front with yellow tape with white back came in 2nd. Same NK but Mag took a fish. Riggers out produced wire dipseys today which is rare for me. Wires were at 210 and 240. Riggers were down 80, 75, 60. 50 degree water was down 80 for us over 200. Best day for 2021 for me. Good luck out there!


Rick IMG_5407.JPGIMG_0413.JPGIMG_0414.JPGIMG_0415.JPGIMG_0416.JPGIMG_0418.JPGIMG_0420.JPGIMG_5417.JPG



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