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Vhf radios


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The handhelds do not put out the same power that the larger units do. You may only get a couple of miles on them.I have two mounted VHF units on my boat and when I  run offshore a sat phone is a must

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I have a Cobra handheld that I use as a backup radio in my Crestliner Sabre. It's also used as my only radio on my small 16ft boat.


As mentioned above, I think the mounted radios put out roughly 5 times the power of a handheld.

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the way it was explained to me was a hand held unit is great around the dock or when a group of boats are traveling together. a hand held basically have 2 to 6 watt and i believe a fixed unit has 5 on low and 25 on high, i always just leave mine on high. if you plan on going out on the big water you need a fixed mount unless you are staying very close to the docks.

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