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Sold / Closed SeaQualizer Decending release

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Brand new 30-50-70' release to revive your fish, $45 to your door



The SeaQualizer descending device is an innovative release tool designed to help fish recover from the effects of barotrauma. Barotrauma is the result of bringing a fish up from depth to quickly while fishing. Doing this prevents the fish from releasing air from its air bladder quick enough as pressure on it is decreased as it reaches the surface. This causes the air bladder to expand beyond its normal size.
Physical effects of barotrauma can include:

Floating at the surface

Stomachs protruding out of the fish’s mouth

Bulging eyes

Flared gills

Inflated body cavities


Hamburg NY (western NY)


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Does it truly save them or just take them down deep enough so that when they float to the top they are out of sight??

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