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Owasco Owasco weekend

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Saturday was beautiful with hardly any wind, got on the grounds and found the temp break high at 35ft. Set the coppers and a rigger picked up speed to 2.8 and rods started to fire......lakers everywhere,  couldn't shake them even on a 2 color core I put out when I was done dealing with fleas. Trolled for a bit and found a good pod of bows, mostly eaters but full of it. Shout out to camo joe again, as I passed him copper rod goes with a nice bow on. Grinded out the rest of the day, had to go to bass pro to get more copper as I had a fish break me off about 100ft, must of had a week spot. Evening got better with more bows and a nice eye. Sunday morning was short due to storms but was able to box out and get a quality bow to boot. Speed 2.8, copper was king, rigger or core did ok. Color was purple for me this weekend. Temp break tight at 35ft. Lakers everywhere. Tight lines.








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Awesome! We were out Saturday and did a few bows, a few Lakers and a smallie. Had 2 break offs on the dipsey at 40 fow after a hard hit. Green and orange spoons seemed good for us.

Wouldn’t be catching these bows without your reports!

Thank you again!

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