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Perfect weather smooth, began at 615 AM. Fished a 19’ Starcraft with 9.9 kicker and 36 bolt I pilot straight out of Olcott. Running North South starting at 350’ within 5 minutes 300’ copper goes off with a black glow moonshine Large steelhead jumped 3 times way back got in-line board to boat only to lose fish minutes later. The misses continued as we had our riggers at 75 and 80 fish hawk reading 49 degrees at 80. And wire dipsey’s at 200 and 220. Had a break off on the 220’ dipsey a midline leader break on a jumping steelhead. Missed a rigger bite and list another dipsey steelhead. As we made our way out to 420 plus we started marking goid sized bait balls sporadically. Also the thermocline stabilized we had 59 degrees at 60’ consistently continued a north troll hit a pod of kings going 2-3 with a 18 pounder in the mix. Cut bait at 200’ on the wire dipsey at 2.7 was the ticket. Worked our way back to that 430’ area as fishing flowed for an hour. Hit 2 Steelie1 one 8lb both able to release. Watermelon spoons 60’ down in the riggers took the bites. We ended the day with a 24 on. King I got to fight on my lightweight rigger rod small black and silver stinger 55’ down. 25 minute fight. It was a long awaited and much needed trip to Lady O. There were 15 boats all deep 450 plus. Flees were bed but manageable. Tight lines.




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Is this your projected report or a vision you had ?  9/5. of this year or are you just getting around to reporting last years results?

   Dang ,I was giving him a hard time and he goes and corrects the date. Back to the Future ,fire up the flux capacitor and get out on O .

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