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Jitter fly ?s


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Got a few of these the other day & I have some questions

1. Anybody had much success w/ these things?( I am kinda intrigued w/ the Goby pattern.)

2. What leader lengths have worked for what species and are there seasonal variations?

3. I noticed that you can actually unscrew the eye assembly from the body and hook of the fly. This seems like it could lead to trouble w/ a rampaging King. Any problems w/ this?

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I bought one last year in what I believe was a 42nd colored fly. It had alot of movement in the water. but no luck with it. I also broke the cup or lip on it. I got kings on Atomik and Big weenie flies in similar color patterns not the Jitter. Not saying they are better, but the Jitter Fly cup or lip did not seem to make a difference. It can't hurt to buy one. You might have better results than me.

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Jitter flies occupy most of my flybox for one reason....They work...they catch fish...and brought home some $ last season in the LOC....Fish of the day. Fall LOC was the first I ran them last Fall. 18 to 20 in. leader, Tie a perfection loop in the flouro leader that comes on it. troll at 2.4 to 2.8 behind a spin doctor or pro troll flasher/downrig, dipsey, copper (they all collect fish). 4 inch streaker, pretty jane is my favorite. after about 10 steelhead all in one day it was a bit tattered but still there. They are still in business and just put goby patterns in the box yesterday, bought at Narby"s....now what? :P


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