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for sale : usa Starcraft Superfisherman 17.6 $9999.00 SOLD


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Starcraft Superfisherman 17.6 Deep V aluminum boat with Starcraft trailer.  Both are the year 2000.  She comes with a 60HP outboard motor 2015year.  This is a Honda, sipps gas and very quiet. Low hrs. We used this set up on Lake Ontario for trolling for fish.  Occasionally going to Seneca and Canandaigua Lakes.  We bought the outboard new from Arney's marine in Sodus and he installed the outboard, it has had only ethanol free gas in it.  This boat (second owner) has been stored inside during the winter months.  In the summer it is outside with a canvas cover.  This cover comes with the boat along with the list below.  We put new vinyl marine grade flooring on the bottom20210820_193140.thumb.jpg.0aab22367288949e0f27569314105c70.jpg20210817_181531.thumb.jpg.fa6ca15f0c070e7748b50e72b3598101.jpg20210817_181824.thumb.jpg.59d69e222adda79e6b1a521bd3099bb6.jpg20210817_185221.thumb.jpg.eaf68ac9272541249725a6e55f000722.jpg20210817_185047.thumb.jpg.bd8681b808c930e14adfd555bcbb44dd.jpg20210817_185208.thumb.jpg.08836ad54d73a3471443cd694668a33c.jpg20210819_111001.thumb.jpg.5d2bdfacbc7137c87d92642df5862b98.jpg20210819_111029.thumb.jpg.32966b88c1134982bf80e3267c9e711d.jpg20210819_111045.thumb.jpg.7f2edf75f6c2ac6398f3f9a394ae1ad8.jpg20210819_132656.thumb.jpg.4e2e91de773810aacbb34d237f7ea02a.jpg20210817_190004.thumb.jpg.0d3693b62479ade5f2064dd8cfdb1116.jpg20210817_190023.thumb.jpg.067584af2935f060c16c1482605be617.jpg20210817_191715.thumb.jpg.dccd19bc9ccc87b8bddbbd86ebdb3736.jpg
and transom.  It comes with 4 seats. two new.      We have enjoyed this boat and it is in good shape for the age.  

these items come with the boat


bimini top fair condition

ship to shore radio

Hummingbird Fish Finder #597

Moor temp and speed gage

Planer board mast with two planer boards

two long armed Cannon downriggers

10 rod holders

two live wells

two paddles

two batteries

it has 4 seats

3 big bumpers

fire extinguisher


Boat trailer has new bunkers and two new tires 2019 and a new spare tire with carrier.


All you need is water.

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won't sell
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Great boat at a great price. I’m surprised as well it hasn’t sold. Seasonality may pay a factor. If it was March it would have sold in a heartbeat.

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I think Bill is right... a lot of folks want to avoid storing over the winter and want to get the full season use right from the buy but the price seems fair and it looks like a good buy for someone so to continue lowering the price may not be the best answer so I'd assess that carefully as you go along. Hopefully someone will see this as a good opportunity to get into a boat and there is still a lot of time to try it out and use it. sometimes we can overly rely on the Internet and placing the boat out where it can be seen by folks traveling by (even at a friends or neighbors if they have a better location and are willing) can be productive.

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