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New State Record White Crappie


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I just became aware of this in a weekly email I get from the DEC and I found this article. This fish was caught in a very small private residential lake. It goes to show that big fish can be found in small places, including private lakes and ponds. What a slab!!






The photo got squeezed horizontally in this posting so for a realistic view go to the link.

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 Great fish, but most  of us don't get to fish private lakes loaded down with massive panfish.. Guys was regularly catching 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 pound crappies!...   Most lakes with public access   don't  have crappies that size in any numbers.. Seriously.. a Crappie almost 5  pounds?.. In NY?.. Must be a very productive, very fertile lake without  much fishing pressure.

 In most lake I fish for Crappies, I am thrilled to catch a 10 incher these days..They just get hit too hard...

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