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Cayuga Lake Question !

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Hey Guys and Gals,


Im planing to take a trip to Cayuga Lake but before i do so does anybody know the water temperature in the Northern End ? I’m targeting mainly largemouth and possibly smallmouth if the Opportunity presents itself. I went in the middle of September and it was still fluctuating around 70-72 degrees. Doesn’t seem like the night temperatures been as low as they should be.

Hopefully the aggressive Fall Feed is in motion already !

Im happy to be a new member on this site. Seems like we have a lot of knowledgable and passionate people here !

thank you. 

ps- i hope i posted this in the right section.




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Canandaigua was 66 on surface yesterday and Cayga may be just a tad higher The colder nights recently and the rain have brought the temps down some.

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