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This weather sucks balls!!!


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Im with you this time. I’ve been in Wilson since April 1 staying at my parents house while they are away. I go to work Monday - Friday and it’s fishable , weekend comes and the weather goes all to hell. Looking out the window now and the lake is ROCKING.


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My boat has been ready to fish since the first week of March. It has seen four hours of trolling so far. Do I dare risk a jinx by mentioning 70 degrees on Sunday?

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I came here a week ago from Maine. I got out 2 evenings last week, a day Saturday and the whole day Monday. Could be worse I guess but I still think I came early. We have had some luck. Last Friday evening me and another guy went 6/6 on browns and Monday the wife and I went 12/18 again all browns.

The last two weeks in March I was working in Ocean Springs Mississippi. Fishing was tough still a little early to fish from shore. I managed 2 specs and a guy gave me 4 flounder.

I too spend some time watching Russ's videos as well as Ricks from Crazy Yankee. Very enjoyable to watch but seems to be very costly for me :mmm:

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