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Advice on Purchasing a Portable Gravity Fed Fuel Tank

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Was wondering what brand I should look for (or features I should look to have) when purchasing a Portable Gravity Fed Fuel Tank.


I am looking at getting a 12 to 16 gallon tank on wheels (probably want pneumatic tires) with a good quality nozzle.  I need one for the side by side and one for a family member's boat on Seneca.


What do you recommend.



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I ended up purchasing a FLO-FAST Professional Model Pump from Cabela's.  A bit pricey but I purchased it as a gift for my brother to use (for his side-by-sides, lawnmower, and his jet ski).


I went with the cheaper option of the Safety Siphon - The Original Safe Multi-Purpose Self Priming Pump by The Original Safety Siphon...$16.99 Faster than a gravity fed tank (over 3 gallons per minute) and easy as heck to use.

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