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Yankee in Niagara County 4/30-5/1

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Saturday Morning:

This group is no stranger to Lake Ontario's fishery because they fished with us a lot last season. We left Wilson around 6am this morning and sat down in 40' of water. We trolled it NW from there. In 50-70' we took a lot of Coho and Lake Trout with only a few smaller Kings. Call into VQ and he had some deeper fish going. Pointed it North and ran into King squadrons. We cleaned our silver limit, and most of our Lake Trout limit. A lot of Coho and smaller Kings went back to grow up.
We ran three flat lined orange baits off one side. The man was Bay Rats Fat Rat in orange. On the other board we ran a couple FishUSA Stealthcore 10 color setups. On those UV NBK was the best. On our three Cannon Downriggers we ran DW spoons. Mags on the bottom with regulars on sliding cheaters. Sea Sick Waddler, Rodfather, and Martel were our best spoons. Divers were quiet, but they did take the big guy of the day. Lastly, our 300' A-TOM-MIK copper took off a few times down the chute with a mag green/Glow spoon.
Saturday Afternoon:
We fished our first double of the season Saturday. On our afternoon trip we were joined by Jessie and his crew from Massachusetts. The trip started off slower than expected, and the fish we were taking were on the small side. We went out to the water we finished up the morning in, but couldn't turn them. We slid the Yankee back inside to that 80-100' level and rods started firing consistently.
Our big guy took a UV Mongolian Beef slider on our 80' Cannon Optimum Downrigger. Rodfather and Chartel fired on the other two riggers. We ran mags on main lines, and regulars on sliders. Our DW Deeper divers were out 160-180' on #2 settings pulling a mag Martel and Lazer Spook. On one side of the boat we ran two 10 color FishUSA Stealthcore setups. UV NBK was our best spoon on them. On the other side of the boat we ran three surface plugs. Our best plug was a Bay Rat Lures Fat Rat. The 300 A-TOM-MIK copper down the chute took a few nibbles as well.
It was a busy night with a good sized program. They all had fun, but the highlight was Jessie's daughter netting her father's fish, and vice versa. Memories that will last a lifetime! You're reading this while we're all back out there doing it again. Stay tuned for their second day's report.
Sunday Morning:
There's no way the bite could have been any better this morning. Six limits of Chinook Salmon came over the Yankee's transom before 8am. Maybe we should have deployed less rods, but damn that was fun! Jessie's crew from Massachusetts witnessed a bite very few people will ever see on our fishery.
This weekend I feel the fish really picked out the spoons with ladder backs on them. FishUSA 's custom DW's in Martel, Chartel, and Glow Gladiator took a fair amount as did a Lazer Spook. The non laddered spoon that went the best was a UV Mongolian Beef.
Set up this morning was four FishUSA Stealthcore rods. A pair of 7's and a pair of 10's on our boards. Our Cannon Downriggers were parked from 40-60' down. Mags on the main lines, and regular DWs on sliding cheaters. DW Deeper Divers with wire out 85' on a 2 setting.
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Awesome report ! Thank you 

Heading to Wilson on Saturday , have not been up to fish spring derby in over 25 yrs !

Appreciate all the reports and podcasts you guys do to give info to rec anglers who only get up to the lake a couple times a year .Retirement is in sight and hope to leave boat dry docked somewhere on west end .

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20 minutes ago, Gill-T said:

Wait…..what ha-ha happened?  I thought you like trolling in 30’ by the Genny??😀


Ya ya lol, but what do you really learn when it's that good?

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13 minutes ago, Gill-T said:

You learn how in shape your biceps are!


OMG.... My hands by Sunday morning were aching. I think I cleaned over 50 Salmon and Trout in 2 days

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