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Dickey and I were out from 630 to 10 looking for Browns. Found them but as has been the case for me lately no big ones. Did get a decent king out of temp. 
Went with my wife from noon to 230 in 200 to 300 looking for Kings. Found a few but again nothing big. Beautiful day on the water. Fleas were in pretty thick but contrary to popular belief were more of a pain on 30lb big game than they were on my braided dipsys. 
Happy Fourth to all. 



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Me and few buddies went out of Braddocks 9-30 to 2-00 started in 225 trolled north picked up 2 kings, biggest 8 lb. and a small steelhead in short time went out to 350 screen went blank out there came back in worked 300-200 fow could'nt buy another bite. Went in to 130 to troll laker water the last hour got 2 small lakers then picked up a nice 7.5 lb steelhead on the dypsie that put up a nice show. Fleas were a pain for us to. Finished 6-6 all spoon bite for us. Nice day on the water.

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8 hours ago, dickey said:

Those are some sexy fisherman! Sucks no lakers!

Blind fold him and meet me at my slip in the morning.  We will torture him for a day.  

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