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Gps trolling motor with kicker

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What is your experience using a 9.9 kicker and a gps trolling motor as the autopilot on lake O for salmon.

I'm looking at a 19 foot boat that has cable steering, and this seems to be a good alternative to a traditional hydraulic autopilot.

Thanks in advance. 

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i loved mine,   i had a motorgiude with wireless remote,  linked to two lowrance fish finders,     i could set routes,  mark waypoints and return to them,   ,  just point and go!  always kept the boat going in the correct direction,   even in a crosswind,    the anchor mode was great too,   i used to jig for browns with cleos ,  was so much fun,   was also nice when bass fishing, set up on a slow troll line and just cast,  no fighting wind or a shifting boat,   long story short,   they work great,  and a much cheaper alternative to an octopus autopilot,   or swapping over to hydro on an older boat,   hope that helps.   tight lines

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It’s changed fishing for me. I’ve been fishing my boat since 2017 without AP and just got a Minn kota a couple weeks ago.Auto pilot with an electric trolling motor is the way to go. I have a 19.5 center console sea nymph with a 2022 Honda 75 HP with troll mode and use my main engine to push the boat while the Minn kota steers. Trolling motors with AP and spot lock are my best investment so far.

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