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Near 60" Muskie- Henderson

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There's a serious ole lady for you, Old Man!!


I wonder if Dr. Farrell's team does any spawning habitat surveys in that area. It would be nice if the DEC would consider the possibility of stocking SLR strain of muskies in the eastern basin bays and few bays and rivers along the south shore. With the gobies compromising successful musky spawns on the SLR, I wonder if creating a few successful spawning areas outside the SLR system where there are less gobies might help to insure the survival of the strain. And maybe there would be a bonus of eventually creating musky fishing opportunities closer to home for many musky enthusiasts. It may also help reduce the amount of gas we burn traveling across the state to distant waters.

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Awesome catch and nice fish especially from where he caught it but I would wager the farm that its not even close to approaching 60"...I would put it at maybe 52-53" given the additional photo angles I've seen. That and, the fact that it went from 60" to 57" in less than 2 days (from the same guy) leads me to strongly believe that it was not accurately measured at all and that it was more of an estimate to begin with.

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On one hand I’ll say that the captain of that boat is highly regarded on this end of lake ontario … one report I read had the length at 59 7/8” which sounds pretty precise. On the other hand… one pic I saw had them holding the fish vertically by the gill… strictly taboo… some credibility lost with that. 

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