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Back on silver, finally

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After a couple of tough weeks of fishing, today the silver turned back on. Water was 76.8 last week and I was trying everything I could with minimal results,  but today the program worked. Coppers and core each had their run but the rigger stayed quiet other than dink bows an fleas. Surface temp down to 73 and the rips were happening with good jumping action again. Speed back to 2.5, orange and white were great colors today, fleas back, but manageable.  Copper back on top but the short cores played well. Gonna include some pics from the last 2 weeks too including another big laker that hit the scale at 14.7......cooler weather feels goid and it's waking them back up and keeping them out of the column a little longer. Shout out to John and Cam Joe. Tight lines.










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