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September Antlerless Hunt


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I live and hunt in IN and we have a late antlerless hunt after the gun and muzzleloader hunts. myself, I just don't believe they should have an antlerless hunt before the gun hunt. the bucks are spooky enough the way it is. after the 2nd day of our gun hunt on public land the bucks disappear and become scarce.


we have at least 1 or more antlerless tags in most counties here. but you can only take the allocated number from each county. but no limit on the total deer taken in the state as long as we change counties to take them. and no daily limit on antlerless deer. i can take up to 8 in Switzerland county then move to Jefferson County and take 4 there. as long as i change counties after a county quota is taken.

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We were putting 8-10" of #2 crusher run onto 450 feet of access road yesterday morning at our hunting property - I took a walk to see if any of the three year old trees we planted in the Spring '20 were producing apples or pears yet, and walked up on several doe in a bean field, not 150 yards from where we were running the truck and roller. Safe from me.


We did hear a few shots over the course of the morning from one particular spot but as they were multiples, we thought maybe Canada Geese? Or really bad shots...

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I have the doe patterns pretty well dialed. Took my buddy (very new hunter) out and gave him some strict rules about taking a nice mature doe. He got it done within 2 hours on the stand lol. Easy 5 yd shot, had totally unspooked does in the plot an hour later. 

Two evenings later I directed my younger brother where to sit and another mature deer was taken. 


I have noticed only an uptick in deer movements and usage in all my plots since the two mature does were taken. If done properly and quickly, I just think it has almost no impact on properties. Especially where deer pops are high. 

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